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A pub is a place people are going to visit when they are looking for a mug or bottle of beer or a glass of booze. Most people choose to visit a pub at the end of their working day as a way of relaxing. It helps them to think about what they have done at work and head home with a lighter head. So, anyone who visits a pub should have a good experience there. The experience of anyone who comes to a pub depends on how well they are served while they are there. If everyone working for the place offers the best service, those guests will have a good time. A beverage dispenser can make things much easier with serving booze to the guests. This brings us to the two ways of distributing drinks or booze at a pub.  

Manual Distribution of Drinks

You can see how the pubs use manual distribution method. This would require the person at the counter to get each bottle manually when a customer orders a drink, and pour the booze manually to a glass. This does not seem like something hard to do, right? It can be something easy for people to handle when there are like a couple of guests and you have the time to make the orders. However, that can be a problem when the pub is full of people who are waiting for their glasses. Sometimes even when you have a couple of people serving the booze, manual distributing can just take too much time. That is going to make your guests impatient.

Using a Booze Distributing Machine

Then, we have the second option of using a liquor dispensing system. This is the method used by a number of pubs at the moment. That is because the ease it offers to those serving the guests. With a machine you can easily fill the glasses without having to waste time. Since you can indicate the amount the glass should be filled there is no need to worry about pouring too much or even spilling the booze. When you have such a well working booze distributing machine in place you do not have to worry about serving a large number of customers at once. Always chose the best option for your pub. Usually, if your pub tends to be a crowded place going for the booze distributing machine is the best option. If your pub rarely gets crowded you can use the manual method of distributing booze to your guests.

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