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Hens are supposed to sit within a chicken nesting box to lay eggs; just as its name suggests. It serves as a simple, quiet, and calm place for the chicken to safely lay their eggs. Additionally, this keeps the eggs in a secure place as any obstacle or animal cannot spot them. Even though, a hen can lay an egg almost anywhere but still a chicken nesting box provides the animal with the necessary comfort of healthily laying eggs.

You cannot shove most of the hens into the box and wait for them to lay eggs. There is a particular capacity of the chicken nesting box according to the size of it. Mostly, one box can easily fit in four chickens. Chickens do not tend to stick around with other chickens too much. Therefore, they require the privacy! This is why placing more than the necessary amount of chickens into the box would definitely disrupt a few things for your farm. Try to remain in balance and opt for a number that would not cause an uncomfortable experience for the animals.

Now, you might be wondering whether you should purchase a chicken nesting box or make one yourself. Many tend to buy a box probably because of its inexpensive nature but making one yourself would cut you the additional budget.

What to Use When Constructing Your Own Box: 

You would not require extra materials or any items that might be a bit heavy on your budget. You just need a box and you’re good to go! However, renovate it so that it becomes as steady and comfortable as a professionally made one.

Find A Sanitary Vessel:

Firstly, find a crate or box. This could be anything even a milk carton, trashcans, or a wooden crate. Moreover, you can also go for a different material like metal. Additionally, for the type of materials you might use for the box, it is better to go for something that remains easy to clean. You will be cleaning the box almost every month. Moreover, chickens tend to leave a good amount of mess. To create a secure environment for them to lay eggs in, you need to make sure that their surroundings are sanitary.

Line the Box:

After successfully completing this stage, you need to line the potential chicken nesting box. For this, you can use torn paper or grass clippings. Nevertheless, make sure that the lining props that you use are safe for the chickens. Anything that possesses chemicals can be extremely dangerous for the health of the animals. Not to mention, do not use hay because it has the ability to become moldy if you are not taking care of the nest often.

Also, confirm that the animals do not use the nesting box as their home. This is because they would then be trained to poop in those boxes as well. That can create another extra mess for you to clean up. In the end, chickens only require the chicken nesting box to lay eggs in a quiet and clean surrounding.

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